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Industries & Application
ANC headphones,Adopt the active noise cancelling tech,Enjoy the music, eliminate all the hustle and bustle.When the headphones detect the environment noise, the active noise cancelling circuit will generate the sound wave opposite to the ambient noise, which counteracts the external noise.
Home Audio and TV headphones,There are many reasons to enjoy your TV sound via headphones: the desire for a better audio quality, consideration for the neighbors, or the blocking of distracting ambient noise. In any case, TV headphones should be able to reproduce speech clearly and intelligibly, while sounding natural when it comes to music. Easy operation and a snug fit for comfortable TV sessions are as desirable as is wireless transmission for a hassle-free experience. TV headphones are capab
Sports headphones have to be strong in quite a few disciplines. They must be impervious to rain and sweat. They should tolerate being treated with sporty roughness. And they have to stay securely and comfortably in place, even during the most violent workout moves. Should they, on top of all that, sound so fantastic as to propel you to new personal bests you can be quite sure that they are the product of AONI.
the car DVR from China in the market are quite common. They have the same solution chipset, same features, or even same looks. So people is quite hard to tell the difference. A good car DVR should be one with high resolution, nigh vision, smooth playback, wide viewing angle, of course, high quality as well.
automatic alarm, which can protect the life of your families and your wealth, meanwhile, you can take care your old people or kids from a long distance at any time through network video.
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